Tell me a Scott Story

Scott stories proved to be a popular item in Mom's book.  Thought I would share a couple that never made the cut.  Scott has entertained us for years with his own special brand of wit and wisdom and at times his "quirky" view of life.
Last year, Scott sang "He Touched Me" alcapoco (Scott's word for a capella) at the Down Syndrome of Southern Indiana Talent Show.  Another boy sang really off key and struggled mightily to make it through his performance.  Scott clapped heartily for him, then turned to me and whispered, "Well, I feel sorry for him but you gotta work with what you have."

A recent Sunday School lesson was about the midwives who tried to save the Israelites baby boys (in Exodus).  Mom said when Scott was studying his lesson, he asked her, "What are midwives?"  After she explained to him, he nodded and said, "Oh, kinda like the stork."

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